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“Treat others as you would like to be treated”
Matthew 7:12

Tower Treats by kerry anna is an Atlanta-based, family-run treats company created to spread warmth, nationwide, while igniting a culture of gifting, one tall treat at a time. 

The Tower Treats recipe was developed during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the help of many. What started as a delicious pipe-dream became a real business with the incredible support of family and friends. 

Kerry Anna Lemasters, Founder

A tall girl (6'2") that loves tall treats (3").

New York plays a key role in Kerry Anna's story. The cookie culture inspired the love for oversized treats, while the energy and drive of the city provided the ambition. 

With a background in food & beverage public relations, a love for everything chocolate/peanut butter and an entrepreneurial dream, Kerry Anna brought all her favorite pieces of NYC back home to Atlanta, GA to create Tower Treats.

Kerry Anna is driven by her desire to love people, make small impacts on daily routines and live in a healthy way - which she strongly believes includes cookies. 

“I believe in simple yet powerful moments to building a joyful life... whether that's a smile, 'hello' or a cookie.”

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High-quality, small-batch treats - always gooey in the center

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Excellent customer service and community-oriented culture

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Easy-to-use, reliable gifting experience