I founded Tower Treats by kerry anna with one thing in mind: spreading joy.
With that vision + a dang good cookie recipe, I created The Treats: an absurdly tall, barely-baked, peanut butter chocolate chip cookie.
I might be high on the gift giving love language scale, but nothing sparks a smile more than giving or receiving a gift... much less a cookie.
I believe life should be enjoyed to the fullest. I also believe you should treat others the way you want to be treated.
AKA buy Tower Treats for both you #treatyourself and the people you love #treatothers.


1. Who?

Hi, I'm Kerry Anna. Thanks for stopping by. 

I studied Marketing and Public Relations at Pepperdine University (ayo waves) and felt the pull to NYC after graduation. From there, I worked for some of the largest alcohol and technology brands at a global PR firm. I've always been a dreamer - my friends can confirm how much I talk about opening a cafe in Paris one day - but during this past year, I decided to replace comfort and stability for the many hats of an entrepreneur back in my hometown of Atlanta, GA. I'm one of those coffee-obsessed people. I like to play tennis, ride bikes, try (and fail) to make the perfect chocolate croissant and always overdress. Lastly, I wouldn't be here without my faith and family.

2. Why?

Why not. That was always my response when people asked why I made any decision that was out of the ordinary. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, I found myself aching to make people feel joy again. So much heartache and division was pumping throughout our nation, and I wanted to ease it in any way I could, no matter how small... or caloric. 

3. How?

A whole lotta grit. I've learned how to incorporate, license, bake at scale, make wholesaler relationships, market myself, finance a company, design a website, find a commercial kitchen and so much more. I've learned that leaders have to make choices, and sometimes not fun ones. I've been overwhelmed with the support from my network in helping me pursue my dreams. The journey has just begun!

4. Name? 

I'm tall (6'2") and my cookie is tall... Tower Treats took me all of 4 minutes to brainstorm and purchase the domain, so there was no turning back! 

 5. Flavor?

Tower Treats will continue to grow and evolve in many ways. Right now, we have one offering: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. Growing up, my favorite candy by far was a Reece's Cup, and I re-created those flavors in the most perfect cookie.