Atlanta-based, female-owned and operated treats company.

Meet the founder, Kerry Anna!

With a background in food & beverage public relations, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a love for all things sweet, Kerry Anna created Tower Treats in 2020.

The iconic half-pound cookie was inspired by her time living in New York. The 'towering' 3" treat and Kerry Anna's 6'2" frame inspired the name, Tower Treats.

Kerry Anna is driven by her desire to spread joy and aspires to encourage people to treat themselves, but more importatntly, treat others.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you bake?

Tower Treats has a dedicated kitchen space at PREP Commerical Kitchens in Chamblee, GA.

Do you have a storefront?

No, we operate almost completely online! We are available at select local retailers as well.

Are you hiring?

We are always looking for extra baking hands - no experince necessary! Email to scehudle an interview.

Where is my order?

Check your tracking number from the email you received. Please reach out with any other questions. Sadly, we do not have control over shipping delays.

All things cookies

Do you have other flavors?

While we are always innovating, we currently only sell our peanut butter chocoalte chip cookie because we beleive it's the best!

Are they baked?

Yes! All Tower Treats are full ybaked, but have a wonderfully cookie dough-like taste and texture.

How are they so tall?

It's all a part of the secret recipe! We use ice cream scoops to make every single treat.

Where do you source ingredients?

All ingredients are from US Foods.